The return of Nintendo World Championships

It was announced that after 20 something years the Nintendo World Championships returns with a vengeance! Ok, it might not return with a vengeance but its back nonetheless.

For those that never heard of this before, the #nwc was a nintendo competition back in 1990 (yay im old) that included 3 minigames (Super Mario Bros, Rad Racer and Tetris) Oh! and did i mention it is one of the rarest nes cartridges in the nes library without mentioning that there are gold ones (also known as the holy grail of videogames) that are even more rare (only 26 gold cartridges copies were made… DAAAAYYUUUM) They have been ebay listings ending up from 11,000 up to a 100,000 bucks!!! Thats waaay to much money for a game! ahem!! I digress, they had some small objectives to complete in each game and the prizes where 10 grand, a car, a mario throphy and a bunch of shizz (AWESOME!)

Anyway, ill leave you the link to the original announcement and please leave your comments, what do you think of the return of #nwc? Are you planning on participating?

P.S. Here i am with a sexy copy of the gray cart of #nwc back in #e32014 in the retro museum.  Im going back to #e32015! YOOHOO!!


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